Product category: Smartwatch
Manufacturer: LG Model: G Watch R W110 (4 GB)
Web site:
Price: EUR 269
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The LG G Watch R from LG is another smartwatch for Android Wear, and unlike the LG G Watch, this watch has a circular screen.


The first time wearing the G Watch R was great! The leather wristband felt like a real wristwatch, even if the weight itself is a bit heavier than a standard watch. The circular design and the different screen style gives this watch a classic look and your friends won’t even realize you’re wearing a smartwatch—until you show them what this baby can do. We already reviewed the LG G Watch, which has a square shaped screen and doesn’t really look like a real wristwatch at all. This time LG did a good job of making a smartwatch that looks classy and not too much like „Star Trek: Enterprise“ Communicator. You can use the Watch R with almost any Android smartphone which is running at least Android 4.3 or higher.

The battery life has been significantly improved and there are a lot of sensors, like a barometer, heart rate monitor, and 9-Axis (gyro, accelerometer and compass) which are already built in to the watch. The different sensors are used by different apps, which you can download in the Android app store. For those of you who not only want to view received messages, but rather read and answer those messages, the Google Hangout app is perfect. You can read your message (with your eyes) and answer (with your voice). The spoken answer shows up on the watch and you have a few seconds to confirm and send the message, or to rerecord. Pretty cool! You can use Google Maps to navigate you to your destination. It’s pretty simple, the GPS on your phone will be used and the watch is telling you the way. How easy is that?

Also, Google enabled Play Music and allows you to store your own music—up to 4 GB—on your smartwatch. But what then? As soon as you have your music on your watch, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to it and listen to the music on your watch! (Okay, now this is starting sound even more high tech than Star Trek!)

To our surprise, this watch can last two days on a full battery, but that requires that one uses the watch minimally, with brightness settings turned low and an infrequent use of the apps. This was not a problem, but it means sacrificing the usage of the app in order to increase its performance. But at some point, the battery will die, and then you have to charge the watch. In this case, you won’t be able to charge it with your mini-USB charger you use for your phone, but you’ll actually need to use the proprietary docking station that comes with the device. This also means to have the option to charge your watch in a place other than home.

We’re sure you’ve heard about fitness wristbands already, but those devices are limited to just fitness and tracking your steps, heart rate, etc. What’s great about this Watch is how Google incorporates these same fitness elements into a watch that has all of the previously detailed features. You can set the app up on your Android phone and while the watch is connected via Bluetooth, information about walking distances and your location will be transferred to the fit app. The watch will tell you how long you walked and how much of walking is left to reach your daily goal, which you set ahead of time. This app will also tell you when you’ve been sedentary for too long and make a suggestion that you should get up and move around a bit.

The P-OLED display is 1.3 inch and is a crisp and clear display with its 320×320 resolution. Let us tell you, we never set the brightness of the display higher than the lowest setting. It was enough, even if we were outside, so to use it at its highest capacity was never needed. Similar to the LG G Watch we reviewed a few weeks back, this watch also has the great feature of adjusting its brightness relative to its position with your face. As soon as you turn your wrist and the display is pointing to your face, the watch will brighten-up and display important information. This feature is still part of the LG G Watch, which makes sense and gives you the chance to get all of your important information with the flick *average-speed-rotation* of the wrist.


To make sure you can wear the watch every day even if it is raining or sandy outside the watch is dust and water resistant with the IP67 (Ingress Protection Marking). Six (6) means it will protect you with no ingress of dust and complete protection against contact (dust tight). Seven (7) means that the immersion of water is resistant up to 1 m. With all of these little features, LG makes a good watch and it is getting more and more interesting. Be aware of the future of smartwatches! With the LG G Watch, we told you, you would get a lot of attention because of its square shape. With the LG G Watch R it is similar, but round (hence the LG G Watch R)! The first time seeing your wrist people will do a double-take before they even realize it’s a smart watch!