Product category: SD Card (Class 10)
Manufacturer: EyeFi
Model: Mobi Pro (32 GB)
Web site:
Price: EUR 81,99
Rating: 4 out of 5

The black SD card with Wifi function.


EyeFi is a serious competitor on the market for Wifi function in cameras. Especially for those cameras which have no built in wifi.

I already reviewed the EyeFi Mobi. It is a great SD Card with Class 10 speed. Perfect for power shooters. Also, perfect for those photographers who are interested to transfer the pictures immediately after taking it on a tablet with iOS, Android or Windows.

The new EyeFi Mobi Pro version is a black colored card. Compared to the orange Mobi cards. I tried the Mobi Pro with 32 GB. As additional value you will get is simple: Connecting to an existing wifi, selective transfer and RAW transfer.

  • Basically you can set the same settings like the EyeFi Mobi. On top you can decide for different wifi setting, so the Mobi Pro will connect to an existing wifi as soon as the camera is turned on and the EyeFi card enabled.
  • The RAW transfer is similar to the transfer of jpegs except it takes longer. The size of an RAW file can be up to 10 times more. Which also means it takes longer to transfer it.
  • It is up to the photographer if he only wants to have a quick preview or transfering the whole file to work on it already or import it in Lightroom and use the presets.

The Mobi Pro came with an adapter which you have to plugin in your computer and there you can put in the Mobi Pro. From now you need to have already installed the software for your computer. After connecting the adapter and sd card with your computer you are able to configure the Mobi Pro.

After putting the sd card in the card slot of your camera you have to enable the EyeFi card and from there it will open its own wifi and you can connect with your device (phone, tablet, notebook). If you set up before the connection details to another existing wifi the EyeFi Mobi Pro will connect to the wifi as soon as it is available.

The connection itself feels faster if it is connected to an existing wifi. Of course it depents on the settings. Nice to have is the ability also to open an own wifi from the Mobi Pro. The transfer speed is similar to the normal Mobi sd cards. This means between 3 and 8 seconds for a picture of 500 KB up to 5 MB.

For those of you who think this is to slow, don’t worry, you don’t have to transfer RAW-Files.

To finalize the review let me tell you, the more value you have to pay. Starting at 81,99 EUR it is very pricy. But is it worth it? Yes! I like to have the option to connect to an existing wifi network and it makes it also easy having no cable plugin in or laying around! Of course it makes only sense if your camera has no built in wifi. The selective transfer and the option to transfer RAWs is great to have! Same price for 64 GB would be awesome! 😉