Which one is the best Wifi SD Card for your photobooth?


In the past couple months I was writing about building my own photobooth. Here you can find more information about it and here the finished photobooth. The building process was written in German, sorry 😉

Now I am sharing my experiences how the EyeFi cards work with an Android tablet/iPad.

Therefore I want to talk about the EyeFi Mobi and EyeFi Mobi Pro. Both SD-cards are very useful for photobooths! That’s for sure. Both sd cards will open there own wifi and let the tablet connect to it. For showing the pictures you only need the EyeFi App.

If you are more interested in paying as less as possible, don’t read more. Take the EyeFi Mobi. Pretty easy, right? To be honest, since there was an update for both EyeFi cards you are able to set the option „never disconnect after finishing transfer“. This option is only usable if your camera is not turning into Standby. You want the photobooth to show up the pictures immediately on the tablet. With immediatly I am talking about 4-8 seconds, depending on the size of JPEG you set up on your camera.

After this setting is made you can still use the EyeFi Mobi, as well the EyeFi Mobi Pro. Now there is the important question of speed. Which one is faster?

If you read the review about both EyeFi SD cards you already know that the EyeFi Mobi Pro has the possibility to connect to an existing wifi. Exactly here is one of the differences.

Therefore I set up a router and configured wifi. Also, I configured the EyeFi Mobi Pro and connected it to the existing wifi. Put back the Mobi Pro into the camera and enable the EyeFi. Take your first picture and the Mobi Pro will connect to the existing wifi if it is available. Important is also to connect your tablet to the existing wifi. With this setting it felt faster transfering JPEGs to the tablet. It means 3-7 seconds depending on the JPEG size you set up on your camera. I haven’t made any speed test. I was just sitting there and turned on a timer to check the times compared to the Mobi. 😉 No crazy scientific tests. It might behave different with different components (router, tablet, …)

I really want to give you the option to decide which EyeFi fits better to you. For me it is the EyeFi Mobi Pro. I liked the little faster transfer speed and the card is able to use the existing wifi which I had built in the photobooth.

Important notice you can use both EyeFi Mobis, don’t worry to start with the cheaper one first and figure out how it works. I have no built in wifi in my Canon 60D. I like to use the EyeFi Mobi also for portrait shooting and looking at the pictures on the tablet. The camera screen is small and on the tablet you can see more 😉 There are more reasons why you need to have an EyeFi SD card.