Product category: Software
Manufacturer: Red Giant
Model: PluralEyes 3.5
Web site:
Price: USD 299,00/Akademiker USD 149,00
Rating: 4.5 out of 5


First Impressions

Red Ginat describes PluralEye with the following words: „With a touch of a single button, PluralEyes analyzes the audio from your cameras and audio devices and syncs them up, in seconds. No clapboards or timecode are needed.“


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Sounds pretty easy, right? It is! I am a Sony Vegas user and I fall in love with PluralEyes to synchronize external audio files with my video which I shot with my DSLR. Makes it pretty easy!

The first time I was using an older version of Sony Vegas and had a few problems with the configuration and exporting the synchronized audio lines. So first I made sure to have the newest version of Sony Vegas running. So I installed Sony Vegas 13. After installing PluralEyes 3.5 I saw the Extension already showing up in Sony Vegas. So, that’s how it should work. You shouldn’t mess around with the settings and install files. Just install PluralEyes and after the setup is finished there will be a PluralEye icon in the Extension menu. Awesome 😉


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Of course you can use PluralEye as a standalone synchronizing software and export the results. But doesn’t it make more fun to have the  external audio line synchonized with your DSLR onboard audio files?


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Import is, you have the DSLR onboard audio files, as well as your external mic files. That’s the way how PluralEye knows how to synchronize the audio and video files. „It’s all about the waves.“ To be honest, that’s basically all I did. Of course Plural Eyes has a few more features to offer. Go and check it out! Especially with Adobe Premiere and the newest Pluarl Eyes version there are a few imporvements.


I sounded more difficult than it is. You only need your Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere installation. I don’t need to say more words, just try it and you will be happy you used this software for snyching your footage!