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Review: LG G5 als Kameraersatz für unterwegs

Product category: Smartphone
Manufacturer: LG
Model: G5
Web site: http://www.lg.com
Price: ab EUR 412,00 (Straßenpreis sinkend)
Rating: 5 out of 5

Erster Eindruck

Wer kennt es nicht, nach einigen Monaten ladet der Akku nicht mehr so gut und voll wie er zu Anfangszeiten noch Kapazität hatte. LG geht als einer der ersten Hersteller wieder den Weg, dass bei einem HighEnd Smartphone ein Akku auf elegante Art und Weise getauscht werden kann. Angenehm hierbei ist die Tatsache, dass der Akku ohne größeres Basteln mit einem einfachen mechanischen Knopf herausgezogen werden kann.


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Review: Google Nexus 6P

Product category: Smartphone
Manufacturer: Huawei/Google
Model: Nexus 6P
Web site: https://google.com
Price: ab EUR 499,00 (32GB Version)
Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Erster Eindruck

Schlichtes Design, angenehmes Display, scharfe Bilder, schnelle Kamera. Verfügbar in Aluminium, Grafit oder Kristallweiß als 32 GB, 64 GB oder 128 GB Varainte. Das Nexus 6P von Google bzw. in Zusammenarbeit mit Huawei – ein echter Hingucker.

Nexus 6P photowaldes.de

Google Nexus 6P by Google

Mit dem 5,7“-WQHD-AMOLED-Display werdenFotos, Filme oder Spiele in gestochen scharfer Qualität wiedergegeben. Das Gehäuse aus eloxiertem Aluminium,  liegt mit seinen diamantgeschliffenen Kanten hervorragend in der Hand. Logischerweise bei 5,7 Zoll sollten die Hände entsprechend groß sein. Weiterlesen

Review: Sony Xperia Z5

Product category: Smartphone
Model: Xperia Z5
Web site:http://www.sonymobile.com
Price: EUR 699,00
Rating: 4 out of 5
Beitrag von Steffen Zickwolf


Erster Eindruck

Die Sony Xperia Z5 Reihe stellt aktuell die Spitzenklasse aus Sonys Smartphone Kollektion des Herbst 2015 da. Neben dem hier getesteten Z5 gibt es noch das etwas kleiner Z5 Mini und das Z5 Premium. Unterschiede sind in Displaygröße und Auflösung zu finden, sowie in den verwendeten Gehäusematerialien. Das Innenleben und die Kamera ist bei allen Geräten identisch.

Sony Xperia Z5 Review Photo Waldes

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Review: HTC One (M9)

Product category: Smartphone
Manufacturer: HTC
Model: One M9
Web site: http://www.htc.com/de/
Price: EUR 559,00 without annual contract
Rating: 4.0 out of 5



© HTC One M9


Lets start with the most abvious change. The design.  You can slighty say there is a different body. The body on the sides has a little edge. Which means the front section where the display is, is a single metal piece that fits into the metal rear casing. What else? Exact, that was the first impression of the HTC One M9.

It’s not a bad phone. Don’t worry, there are just to little obvious changes happened compared to the HTC One M8.

The HTC One M9 is 157g heavy. But there are also built-in some awesome BoomSound speakers. So basicalley the speakers are on the front side on top and on the button. The speakers make the phone longer. The BoomSound gives you a great experience while you are watching a movie or just listening to music. Your friends wil be jelious about the sound, make it sure you show them a few videos or stuff like that and they will get even more jelious 😉 Weiterlesen

Review: Samsung Galaxy S6

Product category: Smartphone
Manufacturer: Samsung
Model: Galaxy S6 (64GB)
Web site: http://www.samsung.com/de/home
Price: EUR 575,00 without annual contract
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

„Wow, I think they sent me an IPhone 6“ – Not only my first impression.

I looked at the phone, took it out of the box and realized it is a Samsung Galaxy S6. To be honest, the frame looks so similar to an Iphone 6. But the more I was looking at the Galaxy S6 I was sure it is not an Iphone.

The  S6 is super slim with 6.8mm and a lightweight with 138g. With its 5.1 inch display it feels surprisingly compact in the hand.

In fact the S6 feels very good in your hand. With the super slim body it’s hard to tell if the outstanding rear camera is annoying or acceptable. But what’s for sure the build quality is very good. Especially the details like power and home, as well the volume button feel great!

As a bummer I would call the not available IP rating to make the S6 water and dust resistant. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5 which had the IP rating built in – sad. You should be more careful from now.

I heard already from so many people they liked to replace their battery on their own if the battery is dying super fast after one, two or three years. They also liked to extend their storage with an microSD card which is also not available anymore. A lot of people like especially these features very much and were happy the Galaxy series still offered it. Not anymore.


Of course there is an AMOLED display built-in. the 5.1 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display has a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 and 576ppi. With these specs there is no doubt the image is super sharp a display of this size can be 😉 What I can say about the display is just awesome. Watching pictures and videos gives you a great feeling.


Samsung is producing their own processors, also in the Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung put in a octacore Exynos 7420 SoC. This means a twin quad-core CPU – one is running at 2.1 GHz and the other one at 1.5 GHz. The Exynos has a Mali-T760 GPU which is propably enough for the Quad HD resolution and more !
I was testing the 32GB version. The S6 is available with 32GB, 64GB or 128GB space. 3 GB of RAM is called as standard in the S6 and also in the brother S6 Edge.


There is not pretty much new to tell about the battery life. The 2600 mAh is less than the Samsung Galaxy S5 had but should live as long as the S5 cause the processor is more energy efficient. How long it will last after 100% charging? As always hard to tell cause it is depending on the user. But no marathin runner of course.


Samsung build an awesome smartphone with the Galaxy S6. In this review and in my opinion the phone is worth every cent. But if you are one of those people who want to replace the battery or extend their storage with an extra microSD card, you will always think about the missing specs. If you are happy with the given specs you will be more than happy! The hardware is up to date, there is so much power you will have. Games won’t be a problem for the next year at all 😉

By the way my collegue was also suprised how similar the Iphone 6 was. The outstanding rear camera make a big difference on design of the S6 – luckily – but was giving a weird feeling when you put the phone on a even surface.

Nowadays the hardware which is built-in highend smartphone is pretty much the same. So the real difference is the running operating system. Samsung is still using Android and developed their on surface which they put on Android. Do you like it? Do you want to get the newest available hardware? Get the Samsung Galaxy S6 – no doubt.


Specs by Samsung

Gold Platinum, Black
Sapphire, White Pearl


Android™ 5.0, Lollipop


Weight: 132g
Product Dimensions:
5.59″ x 2.76″ x 0.28″


Camera Resolution (Front):
Camera Resolution (Rear):
Video Recording Resolution:
UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 30fps
Main Camera – Flash: Yes
Main Camera – Auto Focus: Yes


Battery, Talk Time:
3G WCDMA: up to 26 hours Battery Type and Size:
2600 mAh
Music Play Time:
Up to 58 hours
Video Play Time:
Up to 13 hours
Internet Use Time:
3G: Up to 10 hours; LTE: Up to 12 hours; Wi-Fi: Up to 13 hours


Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
2.4g+5ghz, vht80 mimo
Usb: Usb 2.0
Bluetooth: Bluetooth v4.1
Ant+: Yes
Bluetooth Profiles:
A2DP, AVRCP, DI,HFP, HID, HOGP, HSP, MAP, OPP, PAN, PBAP Location Technology:
GPS, Glonass
Earjack: 3.5mm stereo
Wi-Fi direct: Yes
NFC: Yes
PC Sync: Smart Switch™
(PC version)


Main Display Resolution:
2560 x 1440 (Quad HD)
Main Display Size: 5.1″ (129.2mm)
Main Display Technology:
Dual Edge Super AMOLED
Color Depth: 16M

Review: Motorola (Google) Nexus 6

Product category: Smartphone
Manufacturer: Motorola – Google

Model: Nexus 6 (32 GB)
Web site: googleplay.com
Price: EUR 649 with no annual contract
Rating: 4 out of 5

Google launched their newest Android smartphone with the Nexus 6. Up until this point, Google has always had LG as a manufacturer, but for this 6-inch smartphone, they decided to work with Motorola. The phablet-sized (phone/tablet) phone is one of the first smartphones running Android 5.0, aka Lollipop.


They built in the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 3GB of RAM which makes it switch smoothly between apps. It is available either in Cloud White and Midnight Blue.

Because you might not at first be used to the larger size, always make sure to hold the phone with both of your hands. Also, the sides run thinner than the middle part. The edges start at 0.15 inches and the middle increases up to 0.39 inches. The height is 6.27 inches and the width is 3.15 inches.

At 6.49 oz. the phone weighs a bit more than your average smartphone, but that’s also something you get used to. The former version of the Nexus 6 had a rubberized back which felt very different—and to my mind, better—than this new version, but this phone still feels good in your hand, even if it is just hard plastic.


Another nice feature to have is the Qi wireless charger function, which makes it easier to charge at work or home. For those who never heard about the Qi charger, it is the inductive power standard to charge the phone without plugging it in with a cable. The charging station is about the size of the phone or smaller and plugs into the wall, but the phone itself does not require a cable to be directly attached to the phone. This makes charging your phone as simple as putting your phone on the table, without fiddling around with the little charger connection.

However, it’s important to note that this Qi charging device is not included in the box when you buy a Nexus 6. The feature that the phone is able to charge using induction, is always included, but the device itself has to be bought separately, for around $20-30. However, what is included in the Nexus 6 startup package is by no means disappointing, it’s a charger that can take a dying phone, charge it up to 20% within 15 minutes, enough to help anyone in a bind. So how does this charger work? The Nexus 6 has a charging capacity of 3220 mAh and once turbo charger has worked its magic for about 60-70 minutes, your phone will be back to 100 percent! But, of course, to be able to do this you will have to plug the charger cable directly to the base of the phone using a standard MicroUSB connection. With these two cool features, it’s interesting that Motorola and Google didn’t want to give this device a fingerprint scanner or an LED light indicator to inform you of new notifications. Both of these features are standards on the market, but maybe they’re holding out for their next smartphone.


Motorola DID make sure to include great stereo speakers. The speakers are on the front and direct the sound to the listener. It greatly increases the sound quality, making music and videos far more enjoyable than practically any other phone I’ve seen on the market. Another updated feature is the integrated camera with 13MP and optical image stabilization, which also includes HDR+ and f/2.0 aperture in the rear camera.


SIM cards are a necessity for any smartphone and for the Nexus 6 they use a nanoSIM format. And since we’re already talking about cards, let’s not forget SD cards and the storage capabilities of this device. Regrettably, no phone in the Nexus series, including this one, offers an extra SD or MicroSD built-in card slot. This is why the internal storage for the phone is available in 32 or 64GB. So make sure to choose the internal storage wisely, particularly if you like to take lots of HD videos!

But let’s be honest, using the Nexus 6 just as a phone is old school. If you’re looking for a phone that can practically replace your computer or laptop, this is as about close as you’re going to get. Playing games, reading text, using different apps, or editing pictures are no problem with this high-tech device. With a 6-inch phablet like this you can get a lot of work— and fun—done!

Sure, it might look funny holding it on your ear to make a call, but seriously, you will love the size as soon as you get used to it. After using the phone for a while, the advantages of the 6- inch screen will be more than clear! While the Nexus 6 is considerably more expensive than the Nexus 5—which was an incredible phone for very little money—nevertheless, it’s worth every penny!

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